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On 1992, Peru was facing Shining Path, a radical terrorist militar communist group who had announced their arrival to the capital. Shining Path had already been terrorizing Peruvians in province but government hadn't payed the attention it had to be taken till it arrived to the capital and started to get directly affected.

I was born in 1994, I don't have any memories of the event I'm about to tell you but I can say it marked a difference for every peruvian. This event was something hadn't seen before. The tarata bombing, was a terrorist attack carried out at Tarata Street that was originally targeted to the Credit Bank of Peru. Unable to park in front of the bank, they parked on the next street and made the car bomb explode. The shock wave expanded 300 meters killing 25 and wounding 500 people. I was curious of this event and started digging into it until I bumped into that video. The video that inspired me to write and direct this short film. A man was standing in front of a building on fire. He was anxious. You could feel what he was feeling. He was screaming... "Carlos!...Carlos!", suddenly, a man grabs him trying to push him away from the fire and asking him if someone was inside. The anxious man responds saying "My son.. he is inside!" .... PUM... That got me. I didn't know the people on the footage, I didn't live on this times... but I wanted to tell a story representing those who lost people that day but giving it a turn. You can find the video that inspired me here (2:03) You can watch my short film, SHINING ASHES, here Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about it.

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