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Nicole Campbell

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Nicole Campbell Fierro is an award-winning Peruvian filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. She has won Best Drama Student in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for her short film "Shining Ashes" as well as the Irvine International Film Festival for Best Short College/University.

Other festivals she's won include the INDIEFest Film Awards and South Film and Arts Academy Festival. Nicole's non-fiction films have been nominated at film festivals like Awareness Film Festival, Glendale International Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival,Sunscreen Film Festival, and many more festivals around the world. She also directs music videos and video content for companies.

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Weapons do not bring peace is a no-brainer, but how closer to home their repercussions come becomes an eye-opener with Campbell’s 13:00 minutes of cinematic treat.

She is mostly known by the award-winning short film “Shining Ashes” where she explores the relationship between a father and a son during The Shining Path terror in Perú.

«Shining Ashes», un ejercicio de thriller que tiene como trasfondo la preparación de un atentado terrorista...

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