• Nicole Campbell Fierro


Unless you live under a rock you've seen that GAME OF THRONES spinoff, HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, is streaming in HBO.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON tells the story of the TARGARYEN 200 years before GAME OF THRONES. With only three episodes on air, it has quickly gained popularity among platforms and have made GAME OF THRONES fans sing the intro and forget the pain they felt with season 8. DAEMON TARGARYEN is the kings younger brother. He is also RHAENYRA TARGARYEN's uncle and competitor for the throne. He has a lot of ambitious and is considered as a controversial character. With his hot temper and agressive qualities, Daemon is a difficult character to dominate which becomes a problem for the king who lacks personality. Even though he seems abusive and somehow unapologetic it seems to be loved by the fans. In my opinion is because we see him as someone powerful who is passionate about his goals: the throne and won't stop until he gets it. We tend to go with a character this driven. What about you? Do you like Daemon?

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