• Nicole Campbell Fierro


I cannot be the only one attracted to anti heroes. I've always had a soft spot for villains, I feel like they are usually build up in a more interesting way. They have a reason to hate what they hate and a high drive on accomplishing their revenge.

I've usually encountered protagonists annoying. They are somehow the ONLY ones that are able to accomplish something. Why so special? Why does everything work for them? What about the other character's perspective?


Snape, is one of my favorite antiheroes. When watching the films, I didn't know about him being someone good asking for redemption and protecting Harry. I saw an interesting dark character that seem to have a lot of layers and reasons of why he was acting that way. I didn't care if he was a villain, he was interesting. When I found out the backstory and how he sacrificed stuff for Lily I just loved the character.

I love these type of characters, we think they are bad but tend to have a sweet reason beneath.

Do you have a favorite anti heroe?

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